About Donna Butman

Eldercare Advisor Donna Butman

“Through my experience with family and friends, I have learned that it is essential to focus on people’s actual and perceived needs in searching for their next place to live. What will make that individual happy and safe? It is also important to research and continue to evaluate all living options to ensure that services and conditions of facilities and an individual’s needs continue to be met. My job is to make certain that all clients are satisfied with our research and recommendations.”

Knowledge of the needs of an aging population and their families came from Donna’s years of supporting her mother as Mom aged in place in her original home, downsized and moved closer to family and, eventually, choose assisted living at the age of 96. When her mother passed in 2014 at the age of 103, Donna decided to use her knowledge and research to help others who are at similar choice points with loved ones.

Donna approaches her work through the lenses of education and service and is dedicated to lifelong learning. She has advanced degrees in education, a Masters’ Degree in Library Science; her PhD research focused on strategies for successful aging.  In over-forty years of experience, she has honed her skills in the financial and business realms. Using cutting-edge products and methods along with the wisdom and empathy of experience, she has assisted her clients to reach their goals. 

Donna is originally from Connecticut and has recently relocated to Maryland. She is content to be reunited with close family and friends.